373.- Data Scientist

Benito Juárez, México

Advanced english

  • hould have in-depth knowledge in using cloud aws sage maker in building, deploying, and maintaining ml models.

  • Should be proficient in sql and python.

  • Experience with aws services like s3, redshift and cloud-based infrastructure. Should have expert knowledge in building and maintaining predictive and churn models.

  • Interpret and analyze data using exploratory mathematic and statistical techniques based on the scientific method.

  • Analyzing customer data to identify patterns and trends that are associated along with churn, evaluating the performance of predictive, time series, regression. Churn models, and neural networks and implementing improvements as needed

  • Knowledge of webservices, jenkins, CI - CD


  • Proceso de VISA TN / H2B. 

  • Proceso de residencia permanente al sexto mes .

  • Apoyo de mudanza.

  • Seguro Medico, dental y visión.