Portfolio of Services

Our services are focused on accompanying planning processes, innovation, generation of customer value, operational and budget efficiency - continuous value

  • RPA Robots para actividades administrativas.
  • BPM Business Process Managment.
  • Proyecto cerrado TIC.
  • Fábrica de Software y Testing /TMMi3
  • Desarrollo de App’s Móviles.
  • Tiempo y materiales, servicios especializados en TIC con SLA .


Equipment sales and licensing

We offer our clients different solutions in hardware and software, which will make your company increase its productivity with better functionalities with equipment of all brands. We have an excellent portfolio of products and services to meet your needs.

In our product line we have PC's, laptops, printing devices, storage, networks, video surveillance systems, servers, Workstation, storage solutions, Licensing, etc.


We combine the experience of our people.

We establish strategic alliances with world-class suppliers and key market players to provide the best solutions for our customers..

BPM - Mapping and process automation 


Managed services

Our Managed Banking Services Model

It allows the client to contract on demand the services he requires tailored to his operation, size, banking services and the number of business customers.

Specialized ITC services

Specialized ITC services include:

Assignment of experts with SLA.

Management of the specialized resource.

Training in Methodologies, SCRUM and new technologies.

Consulting and support services in AS400 infrastructure

  • Support policies for AS400 equipment: Remote and/or on site.

  • Consulting and Technical Support on IBM i platforms (AS/400), AIX, Linux and Storage.

  • Migration Services from IBM Power Platforms to the IBM Cloud

  • Administration Services on IBM i, AIX, Linux and Storage platforms.









We offer specialized services around different IT
platforms, including SW development and reengineering,
process fusion and testing services.

Agile Development Methodology

We implement methodologies base on agile to integrate work teams,
improving the times and quality of the solutions developed in
the organization.

We have certified consultants with experience and talent.  

Strategic Alliances

RPA, Business Partner

BPM Digital Transformation

Data Encryption


Managed Services



We maintain a firm commitment to delivering advanced solutions that meet industry standards.

The collection of solutions is the result of hardware-based security, including automation, disaster recovery and remote management, it is supported by the Base Architecture Model (BAM) a common interface with features available in all solutions which are constituted with zero dependence on third-party hardware or software.

We maintain the agility and knowledge necessary to support complex environments of our customers, where solutions grow in conjunction with the business.

Hardware Security Modules

HSM for data encryption, validation and authentication, offering the highest speeds in the industry, functionalities and regulatory compliance.

Keys, certificates, Token management
Turnkey solutions to manage the complete life cycle of certificates and tokens.
Safe Storage

High volume data storage and protection
Remote and Centralized Administration
Configuration and monitoring of the complete architecture and system from a remote location..
VirtuCrypt Robust Security Cloud

Enterprise-grade Services and Cloud Security with VirtuCrypt
"Ticket System / Help Desk"


  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Supply Chain
  • Technology



En nuestros 30 años de servicio hemos recibido muchas felicitaciones por nuestro compromiso, algunas puesdes verlas en este apartado.